Senior Civil Engineer

Supports the Department/Section Manager in planning, controlling and organizing the department activities. Review of site investigation reports, personnel supervision, project acquisition, and technical support. Direct and conduct work survey to analyze the likely behavior of soil and rock, direct supervision of ongoing project, reporting, preparation and writing technical and financial offers, and lead the team under direct supervision and motivate them to maintain team efficiency.

Duties and Responsibilities

Managerial Duties:

·     Implement Department’s policies, goals, objectives, and procedures and support in their development as needed.

·     Oversee the implementation of operations plans, policies, procedures, and transition/migration plans.

·     Support Department Manager in management of resources, cost control and budgeting.


Technical Duties:

·     Oversee and implement department policies, goals, objectives, and procedures and support in their development as needed.

·     Ensure that the implementation of operations plans, policies, procedures and transition/migration plans.

·     Monitor the progress of the project as per prescribed schedule and prepare contingency plan.

·     Oversee the field and lab testing schedule as per project requirement in conjunction with client / consultant.

·     Develop departmental business plans that are in line with ACES strategies and objectives

·     Oversee all the worksheets of field and lab testing.

·     Get the approval for the invoices prepared as per the project invoicing milestones.

·     Follow up the department invoices and help in the collection

·     Analyze the field and lab data for preparing the geotechnical report as per client’s requirement.

·     Prepare daily drilling work program, and issue work orders to drillers in accordance with project specifications and contractual agreements.

·     Ensure all customers’ requirements are carried out in accordance with contract specification, international and approved in house policies and procedures.

·     Conduct off site inspection visits and prepare site inspection reports.

·     Collect data by utilizing various types of field instrumentation such as inclinometers, piezometers and settlement monitoring devices.

·     Conduct visual description of obtained soil and rock samples.

·     Prepare laboratory testing program for geotechnical investigation.

·     Prepare geotechnical reports in conformance with related standard test methods and customer requirements.

·     Organize records and files for plans and ongoing projects, including incoming & out going correspondences, project specifications and drawings, lab tests forms and all related ISO forms.

·     Prepare and write both technical and financial proposals.

·     Perform laboratory analysis and field-testing results and finding using computer programs.

·     Oversee the implementation of safety regulations and protection measures in the field.

·     Oversee the implementation of field and laboratory plans and programs.

·     Oversee the site investigation projects by carrying out site visits, attend meetings and review documentation

·     Design & Oversee and analyze various shallow and deep foundation systems for structures, including conducting calculations.

·     Design and analyze various permanent and temporary earth retaining systems such as concrete gravity, soldier beam and lagging and sheet pile walls, along with associated slope stability analysis utilizing several computerized solution techniques.

·     Oversee the Plan and program site investigation work taking into consideration any related obstacles such as accessibility and existing structure.

·     Oversee project quality plan (PQP) for large scale projects, and follow up on project expenses.

·     Marketing the department in coordination with the marketing officer and the department manager.

·     Take decision for type of foundation types, necessity for Soil improvement required or not, technical justifications for recommendations provided in the interpretative report.

·     Any duties or responsibilities assigned by the management.




Reporting To:

This position will directly report to the Geotechnical Department Manager

Job Requirements:

Education & Experience:

·  Civil Engineering or Geotechnical engineering, the master is pluse

·     5-7 years of experience in the field of Geotechnical

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

·     Ability to communicate effectively in English & Arabic orally and in writing.

·     Requires strong interpersonal skills in communication, leadership, decision-making, and innovation.

·     Knowledge of the principles and problems involved in planning, managing employees and resources, and finances.

·     Ability to prepare, analyze and interpret complex data.

·     Ability to plan, direct and manage the preparation of the designs, estimates, and specifications.

·     Ability to exhibit good customer service skills.

·     Ability to communicate with strong interpersonal skills such as tact, active listening, respect, and calmness.

·     Ability to act as a visionary leader, build consensus, empower employees, be flexible, manage conflict and meet deadlines.


·     Ability to prioritize and manage multiple programs, projects, and tasks.

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